Review: Hackney Downs Vegan Market

Hackney Vegan Market

If you’re looking for a place to take your meat-eating friends to prove to them that Vegan food is delicious, or perhaps just want to satisfy your own taste buds… Well, look no further! Hackney Downs Vegan Market (created by the amazing ‘Fat Gay Vegan‘ and ‘Eat Work Art‘) is truly one of the best places to be if you want to sample some of the greatest Vegan food London has to offer.
It’s held every third Saturday of the month (not planned for July because of the beer festival), opens at 11 am and closes at 5 pm. I recommend arriving around opening time if you want to avoid crowds; I haven’t actually seen what it’s like in the afternoon, however, the queues can get fairly long in the morning so I can imagine it’s busier later on. It is quite a spacious area, but it’s also a popular event so there are plenty of people! Once the queues start you begin to realise that the space is actually quite narrow. I personally have never had trouble finding a seat, but if you do, there’s a park close by.
I’ve visited every Hackney Downs Market this year, and have sampled a fair amount of the food, so I’m going to do some quick reviews on some of what I have tasted so far!

Temple of Seitan


Cheeseburger and chips
Tasting this burger really made me realise that ‘Temple of Seitan’ can do just about EVERYTHING – I was not expecting for it to be so delicious. The burger was somewhat similar to Linda McCartney’s quarter pounder burgers, and the burger sauce was insane! I haven’t been able to find burger sauce since going Vegan, so I was so excited to try theirs. It tasted identical.

Vegan Market Burger and Chips
Hot Wings
I tried the buffalo flavour and the soy flavour, both sauces were delicious but I definitely favoured the buffalo. My only criticism would be for them to make it spicier! The texture was great, and luckily they have permanently added hot wings to their menu.

Vegan Market Hot Wings

Twist Wrap
If you were a fan of KFC (or if you still are) I definitely recommend trying this as it’s on their permanent menu now. The chipotle mayo is so delicious, and the chik’n is so crispy!

Vegan Market Chicken Wrap

Schnitzel Subs
I have only ever tried Vegan schnitzels before so I have nothing to compare the taste to, but surely a meat one can’t get any better than this?! I tried both of the subs, which included a parma sub with Napoli sauce, bacon and cheese, and a slaw sub with cheese and mayo.

Vegan Market Schnitzel Sub

Club Mexicana


Tofish Tacos
I tried this before at their Camden Market stall and had to have it again at Hackney Downs – it’s so good! The salad is so unique and has so many different flavours.

Cheeze Fries
At first, I thought this would be a portion of chips with Vegan cheese melted on top, but I was so wrong. It’s deep fried cheese… and it’s amazing: the ultimate junk food.

Vegan Market Cheese Fries



Battered Sausage and Tofish Fillet
Both of these were so delicious, crispy and greasy (in the best way possible!).

Vegan Market Battered Food Van

Peanut Butter Bakery


The Homer
This was without a doubt my favourite doughnut I have had since being Vegan (and I’ve tried a lot) because it’s so sweet and tasty without being too sickly.

Vegan Market Doughnuts

Double Chocolate
This was so rich and indulgent, definitely a favourite for all chocolate lovers.


Café SoVegan


Doner Burger
I never thought I would see a Vegan version of a doner meat burger – and it did not disappoint. The chilli sauce was so good and the faux meat had a really realistic texture.

Vegan Market Doner Burgers

As if the amazing food selection wasn’t enough reason to love Hackney Downs Market, their wonderful policy makes you love it even more; when choosing appropriate vendors, preference is given to groups that aren’t well represented in the Vegan community, such as BME, LGBTQ, and people with disabilities.

If you’ve been to Hackney Downs Vegan Market I’d love to see if you tried something different to me, and whether you liked it or not!

Vegan Market

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