Top 10 Vegan Food Products

Vegan Food

There are so many vegan food products coming out lately, and all of them are pretty amazing, but of course, everyone has favourites – so here’s a list of my top 10, and where you can find them!


Despite being Vegan for over a year I didn’t try this until a couple of months ago, and I regret not buying it sooner! The texture and taste are so perfect, literally, nothing needs to be improved. I used the ‘Chippa’ Vegan and gluten free mayo for ages, and it is nice, but it’s just a little too thin and smooth whereas Veganaise is thick – just like normal mayo! I use it for so much, like sandwiches, baked potatoes, chickpea tuna, potato salad etc. and it always tastes perfect. I run out of it so fast even though the jar is pretty big, and I have to trek all the way to London to get more (I call them ‘mayo’ trips…). I’ve only seen this available in Planet Organic, and Wholefoods so far really.

Vegan Food

2. Violife*

I know there are a lot of people out there who really dislike Violife because of its rubbery texture, but I think it’s so great because it reminds me of dairy sliced cheese, and you can add taste to it by adding nooch. It reminds me a little of edam cheese. It’s also the best cheese for melting in my opinion; the cheese toasties I’ve made in the past have been so unbelievably tasty as I usually add a sprinkle of the Sainsbury’s own cheese which is a little stronger. The only downside is how it sticks to your teeth when it’s melted… But I think almost all Vegan cheese does that. Violife is so easy to get a hold of, and the taste isn’t too strong, so it’s perfect for people who dislike the strong tasting cheeses. I usually use it for pasta bakes, pizzas, in burgers, toasties, and cheese sandwiches and on baked potato (when baking or putting under grill don’t leave it in for too long otherwise it goes weird, bubbly and hard – it only needs around 5-10 minutes to melt). These are available almost anywhere; I’ve seen them in Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Asda, Holland and Barrett, Morrisons etc.

Vegan Food

3. Quorn fillets

I hated these at first because I just microwaved them with some water and then ate it… Don’t make the same mistake. They smell a little funny when you microwave them, and it’s just soft and tasteless *shudder*. Now I’ve experimented with them a little I absolutely love them; I usually microwave them for 2 minutes in some water, then fry it to get the outside crisp – so much better! Sometimes I fry it in a little bit of oil and have with a roast dinner, or sometimes I’ll cover it in Nandos hot sauce and fry it (yum). They are available in a few supermarkets; I’ve seen them in Asda and Sainsbury’s.

Vegan Food

4. Quorn fish fingers

I was so excited when these came out and they definitely didn’t disappoint. They taste so similar and are so great for a quick snack as only take about 15 minutes in the oven. The only difference I can think of is that they’re possibly not as firm as real fish fingers. They’re available in most supermarkets; I’ve seen them in Tesco, Sainsbury’s and on Ocado.

Vegan Food

5. Mozzarisella*

If you’ve had the Zizzi’s or Pizza Express Vegan pizzas then you’ve already tried this mozzarella – and it’s so good! Surprisingly I actually prefer to serve it cold, either in focaccia bread with tomato, pesto, and rocket, or on bruschetta. I do still love it on pizza, but it’s just a little bit watery for me. You must try it if you haven’t yet – I have only seen this available on

Vegan Food

6. Vbites Southern fried chicken

This is the closest thing to Temple of Seitan chicken that I can buy in the shops… So I’m happy. Strangely I didn’t even really like fried chicken before going Vegan, but this is probably my favourite  Vegan food product I’ve tried from the shops. It’s perfect to put in wraps or subs with salad and Veganaise! Unfortunately, there’s a bit of a weird aftertaste, but it’s not that bad, and the initial taste is so good so it’s totally worth it. I’ve only seen this available in Holland and Barrett so far, but you can order from the VBites website.

Vegan Food

7. Quorn breaded fillets

My only criticism for these breaded fillets is that they only come in a pack of two! Yet again these are pretty difficult for me to find unless I do an Ocado order, or go to Tesco. They’re nice and thick, and surprisingly filling. Also, maybe it’s because I haven’t eaten meat in forever, but to me, it really does taste like chicken. I suppose you could say that it’s slightly more bland than chicken, but all you need to do is add it to something. You could chop it up on pasta, put it in a salad wrap, or in a katsu curry, or burger. I have seen these available in Tesco, and on Ocado so far.

Vegan Food

8. Vbites doner meat

Ok so this is a bit of a ‘gross’ one, but I’m going to be truthful and say that I always quite liked doner kebabs… I’ve had a few Vegan doner kebabs and the Vbites one is the most realistic I have tasted. I usually get a salad pitta from the kebab place when everyone else is getting it, and just fry up a couple of these in a little bit of oil – voila! I have only seen this available in Holland and Barrett so far, but you can order from the VBites website.

Vegan Food

9. Fry’s pepper and steak pies

This is perfect for those who like steak and pepper pies, there’s literally no difference between this one and a meat one! The gravy is thick, and the meat almost tastes too real (it will likely put some people off eating it). I’ve seen this available in Holland and Barrett, Morrisons, and on Ocado.

Vegan Food

10. Frys chicken strips

These strips can be used in so many recipes, but they also taste so good on their own. I wouldn’t say they taste or have the texture of real chicken, but they’re still just as good. I usually use them in a lot of Mexican dishes like fajitas, enchiladas, and nachos, and sometimes I put them on pizza or in pasta. I’ve seen this available in Holland and Barrett, Morrisons, and on Ocado.

Vegan Food

I hope this helped you out a bit!! And what’s your favourite Vegan food product?

Vegan Food

**Friendly reminder: This post contains affiliate links that help me out a lot if you choose to purchase from them (it doesn’t cost you anything extra). I will always tell the 100% truth about an item I am reviewing. Thanks so much in advance if you decide to purchase from them.

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  • Zara Anne
    Posted at 18:41h, 28 August Reply

    I am so excited by the vegan donner meat and the mozzarella! Thank you for this post xx


    • Jenny
      Posted at 19:46h, 28 August Reply

      Aw that’s great, no problem at all xx

  • GiGi Eats
    Posted at 13:45h, 13 August Reply

    It’s great that there are a lot of high protein vegan foods in the world – I sometimes fear some of my friends who are vegans don’t get enough protein.

    • Jenny
      Posted at 18:42h, 13 August Reply

      Indeed! It’s a lot easier to get a good amount of protein on a plant-based diet than I thought it would be 🙂 Thanks for reading.

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