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I am pleased to say that I have been nominated for the Liebster Award by two different and wonderful blogs. Neha Patil from Endlessly Exploring Earth who publishes the most beautiful travel posts, as well as Cora Kessler of First Born Daughter who has a mixture of spirit soothing posts ranging from travel to tarot readings. I can’t thank either of you enough, as a very new blogger, I feel so honoured to have been nominated! Now I’m going to do my best and carry out both sets of instructions I’ve been given for the award.

  • Why did you start this blog?

I have always enjoyed writing and photography, and so I am just drawn to the idea of blogging. I love the idea of having a space on the internet that’s entirely your own – I can design it how I want, put whatever I want on it etc.

  • What is your biggest challenge with blogging?

SEO is pretty difficult to me, as well as all the technical stuff like designing the site!

  • How do you hope to see your blog change?

I hope to see my blog change visually by the end of the year as it’s nowhere near how I’d like it to look just yet, I’d also love to see more organic traffic coming from search engines.

  • What are you passionate about?

Liberating animals, and improving the environment.

  • What is the best trip you’ve ever been on?

The Lake District.



My Nominees:

















Here are your instructions nominees! (If you so wish to carry them out)

  • Include the person who nominated you in your post, add a link to their blog and a short description.
  • Nominate 5-16 other bloggers for this award.
  • Give new bloggers two pieces of advice OR ask them a set of questions


Questions for my Nominees:

  • What do you enjoy most about blogging?
  • What is your ‘happy place’?
  • Who is your favourite blogger?
  • What is your favourite social media platform?
  • What do you dislike most about blogging?


Advice for my Nominees:

  • Blog because you enjoy to do it, not because you see it as a source of income.
  •  Network with other bloggers.


Thank you again to Neha and Cora for nominating me. Everyone, please go visit their lovely blogs, Endlessly Exploring Earth and First Born Daughter.


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  • Nilushi Rathnaweera
    Posted at 07:39h, 22 August Reply

    Congratulation for being nominated!

    • Jenny
      Posted at 07:49h, 22 August Reply

      Thanks so much!

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