October Favourites 2017

October Favourites 2017


Eye Cream – Andalou Naturals

I received a huge bundle of Andalou Naturals beauty products recently and have slowly been trying them all – this eye cream is the one that’s had the most effect so far. I love this brand because it’s cruelty-free and a lot of their products are vegan too. The eye cream is for dry skin (most of the products I received are too) and works to hydrate, lift and brighten skin. Unless I’m imagining it, I really feel as if I’ve seen a brightening effect under my eyes.

October Favourites 2017


Crop top – Topshop

I have been wearing this top ever since I bought it around a couple of months ago – I love it so much! I think the ‘lettuce trim’ (as Topshop calls it) gives it a little extra something so that it’s not just a black tee. It’s so soft and I think it fits so well, and it’s great that it’s not too short, although that may possibly be because my body isn’t very long… This top has gone with just about anything I have paired it with and that’s such a bonus for anyone that likes to keep his or her wardrobe minimal.


Velvet Noir Mascara – Marc Jacobs

I was lucky enough to receive the Velvet Noir mascara from Influenster through one of their amazing Voxbox opportunities. I have looked into the ingredients and as far as I can tell it’s all vegan, but let me know if you find out otherwise! I’d love for this product to be vegan because it’s such a classy, intense black pigment and really separates my eyelashes so well. I’ve e-mailed Marc Jacobs about it but haven’t received a reply yet.

October Favourites 2017


Sparkling Energy Water – Virtue Drinks

I received a month’s supply of these healthy energy drinks, and think they’re such a good alternative to other fizzy drinks. They sell a berry flavour and lemon and lime flavour – my favourite is definitely berry. The drinks are zero sugar, zero calories, have natural energy, no sweeteners, and there is absolutely nothing artificial in them! They honestly remind me of flavoured sparkling water as the tastes are very subtle but that’s perfect for a refreshing beverage. I would say it’s slightly an acquired taste, but I’d still recommend this drink for anyone on the lookout for healthy alternatives.


Citrine Crystal Point – Pure Magik

I purchased this crystal from the ‘Pure Magik’ store in Canterbury, which is one of the best and most interesting shops in the city (in my opinion). It’s so cosy and has such a friendly vibe, with plenty of things to look at. I was so attracted to the citrine point and it’s taken over as my favourite crystal. Supposedly they get their charming deep orange colour from heat treatment, which I find is the most appealing feature. It’s such a lovely, positive crystal.

October Favourites 2017

October Favourites 2017

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Friendly reminder: This post contains affiliate links that help out a lot if you choose to purchase from them (it doesn’t cost you anything extra). I will always tell the 100% truth about an item I am reviewing.

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