Vegan Christmas Food Products

Vegan Christmas Food

I realise this blog post is a little late, but I’m a terrible blogger and an unorganised person who has only just got their Christmas food together. Hopefully knowing what vegan goodies I will be snacking on this year may help you out with planning your following year, or it’ll just be somewhat interesting to you!

Vegan Christmas Food

Tofurky Roast with Herb Gravy

OK so I tried this for the first time on Christmas day and wasn’t TOO impressed to be honest. Next year I’d much prefer to have Linda McCartney sausages or something from Quorn. The texture was quite perfect, and even had a sort of ‘skin’, but the taste was a little weird to me. The stuffing inside is made from rice and definitely not something I’m used to! I didn’t try the gravy as I had Bisto gravy instead. I definitely wouldn’t buy this again, but it’s still quite a popular alternative to have, so maybe you’ll like it! You can purchase it from Planet Organic, or Holland & Barrett.

Vegan Christmas Food

Hotel Chocolat Yule Log

I tried this for the first time on Christmas day and was surprised to find out that it was solid chocolate, despite expecting that there was cake in the middle! It’s probably me being stupid to expect cake from Hotel Chocolat! It’s very rich, and definitely not something I could eat lots of at once. I had no clue that Hotel Chocolat had such a good vegan selection, but I’m glad they do. This Yule Log is actually a 3D printed elm branch so it’s as authentic as possible – I love that! You can purchase this from Hotel Chocolat.

Vegan Christmas Food

Chocolate Cupcakes

I’ve been getting amazing vegan baked goods from a little bakery called ‘Crumbs’ for around a year now, and this year I got some mince pie-themed cupcakes. They are not dry whatsoever, and so rich – they’re perfect. This bakery honestly makes the best vegan baked goods I’ve had; check out the Facebook page here. I’ll also be doing a separate blog post on the bakery in the future, if you’d like to see more of the amazing treats that they offer!

Vegan Christmas Food

Tesco ‘Sausage’ Rolls

These are hands down the best vegan sausage rolls I have had (with Linda McCartney ones being close second), and they’re super affordable, and perfect for Christmas! You can just nestle them amongst all of the other Christmas food and your non-vegan family members won’t even be able to tell the difference! You can purchase this from Tesco.

Vegan Christmas Food

Hotel Chocolat Advent Calendar + Chocologic Free From Advent Calendar

I was a bit greedy this year and decided to have two advent calendars (because why not?) and realised that I overall preferred the Chocologic one. I really do love the Hotel Chocolat calendar and how it opens up and stands like a card, but the Chocologic chocolates tastes just like normal advent calendar chocolates. I don’t think I would purchase the Hotel Chocolat version again, it’s a little pricey too. You can find the Chocologic advent calendar in Tesco.

Vegan Christmas Food

Jus-Rol Pains au Chocolat

I only ever have these at Christmas time but they really do make a good light breakfast on Christmas day. Jus-Rol also do cinnamon swirls and croissants, and they’re all so easy to make, and only take around 20 minutes. You can purchase this from Sainsbury’s, Ocado, and Tesco.

Vegan Christmas Food

Ben & Jerry’s 

Totally not Christmassy, however, I finally found this in Tesco’s the other day so I had to add it in. I grabbed the ‘Chunky Monkey’ flavour in excitement and didn’t think to even look at the flavour… I don’t particularly like banana ice cream, but the texture is really nice and creamy, and the walnut and chocolate pieces in it are perfect. You can purchase this from Tesco.

Vegan Christmas Food

Sainsbury’s + Tesco Cheese

Saving the best for last! I got cheddar-style cheese with chives from Sainsbury’s and this is the only one I haven’t tried yet, so I’ll update the post once I’ve tried it. I also got garlic and herb soft cheese from Sainsbury’s, which goes perfect with crackers. From Tesco, I bought my two favourite supermarket cheeses, which are the jalapeno and chilli cheddar, and smoked cheese.

What are you having (or what did you have) for Christmas this year? Will you be having any vegan food?

Vegan Christmas Food



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**Friendly reminder: This post may contain affiliate links that help out a lot if you choose to purchase from them (it doesn’t cost you anything extra). I will always tell the 100% truth about an item I am reviewing.

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  • Sunrita
    Posted at 14:56h, 30 December Reply

    A very helpful list indeed! Thanks

  • Lizz
    Posted at 12:48h, 27 December Reply

    So much good food! I had the tofurky, sausage rolls & pain au chocolate 👏🏻

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